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Diverse challenges

International site competition, global competition surrounding talent, business and capital, technological transformations, and globalised migration are just a few of the factors currently coming into a concentrated effect in metropolises and demanding structured action to facilitate prosperity, social cohesion, and quality of life. Today, cities find themselves in a completely new stage of development with currently unknown political challenges, but also opportunities to exert influence. Now more than ever, political decisions must take local circumstances and requirements into account as much as global framework conditions. The services of Urban Innovation Vienna are diverse and can be used in a combination of ways depending on the task and thematic area.

New Housing
Most large cities suffer from a lack of sufficient affordable and high-quality living space, threatening the quality of life for everyone, as well as social cohesion. read more
World City
What defines Vienna’s self-awareness as a global city are cosmopolitan openness, innovative site offerings, a highly-skilled workforce, high quality of life, and social balance. read more
Digital City
Whether it’s about the working world, housing, mobility, education, or services, the digital transformation affects all areas of life and is vastly changing urban society. read more
Urban Development
As an all-inclusive discipline that requires the integration of a variety of interests from planning, economy, and society to participation, urban development has become a highly dynamic policy area. read more
Future Mobility
How smart urban mobility will be in the future depends on the opportunities for moving it forward as intermodally as possible and in accordance with the sharing principle. read more
Smart Governance
Cities have to be robust and flexible, diverse and communal, creative and solid, and many other things all at the same time. Simple governance is not enough, but rather smart governance is needed and turns things upside-down. read more
Energy & Climate
The agglomeration of housing, production, consumption, and mobility especially challenges cities in terms of climate protection and in climate adaption. The discussion focusses on reducing energy consumption, switching to renewable energy, and energy-minimised urban development. read more
City Economy
The global economy has redefined the rules of cities as business centres: High competitiveness, international networking, and permanent innovation are the ingredients for success. read more