Women in IT

DigitalCity.Wien is shining the spotlight on women in IT through targeted campaigns.

A high proportion of male decision makers and employees in the Viennese IT industry make it necessary to showcase women in IT and to place them in the public eye through targeted projects and measures. The “Digital Salon” offers a special method of addressing and discussing IT matters.


A further focus project of DigitalCity.Wien is dedicated to the theme of “Women in IT”. A noticeable high proportion of male decision makers and employees in the Viennese IT industry make it necessary to showcase women in IT and to increase public awareness of them through targeted projects and measures.


The programme includes portraits and interviews with female role models from the IT sector, presentations of projects, offers, initiatives, and players particularly involved in this area, and the initiation of panels and network meetings, where experiences can be exchanged and new measures planned together to promote the project.


The objectives are:

  1. To increase general awareness for the subject and to send out a message to the IT industry that women achieve more than they get credit for.
  2. To stimulate media discussion and to spread the subject further through media activity.
  3. To motivate young women to take hold of technological careers to gradually reorganise the industry with the aim of stamping out existing discrepancies and misconceptions. 


The Digital Salon

The “Digital Salon” offers a particularly attractive yet unusual format for addressing and discussing IT matters. This monthly series of events combines a traditional, very female-dominated event format with controversial questions concerning the contemporary range of subjects within digitalisation.


The background of this type of gathering lies in the fundamental definition of networking. In Vienna, this plays a very important role and has also been characterised by the Viennese salon culture. A diverse mix of guests here is crucial and the event strives to gradually and continually expand the subject’s audience.


Through this series of events organised from the DigitalCity.Wien initiative and in cooperation with W24, we aspire to revive the traditional Vienna salon culture, which was once dominated by female hostesses. Viennese salon hosts from the IT sector bridge the gap on exciting questions concerning digital topics and their effects on the economy and society and want to open up interdisciplinary discourse on this. For this reason, a selected circle of representatives from various sectors are invited to share their thoughts once a month.


The “Digital Salon” takes place in the rooms of the Wiedner Salon and is rung in with a 20-minute keynote speech to introduce visitors to the respective topic. Afterwards, an open round of discussions makes the event what it promises: an open discussion with diverse contextualisation and exciting content.


The Viennese IT salon hostesses Ulrike Huemer (CIO, City of Vienna), Sandra Kolleth (Xerox), Isabella Mader (Excellence Institute), Michaela Novak-Chaid (HP), Tatjana Oppitz (IBM), Dorothee Ritz (Microsoft) & Margarete Schramböck gladly invite you to join in!