Visitor Economy Strategy 2025

In order to adequately prepare for new challenges and opportunities in tourism, Vienna launched a strategy process in 2018 to develop a destination strategy for 2025.

While residents in cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona or Venice are increasingly contending with the negative consequences of tourism growth, the attitude of Viennese towards tourism is still very positive. In order to keep it that way, we will need to consider several key questions of tourism development from a new angle: The question of how Vienna can position itself in order to be as attractive as possible for visitors is no longer the only issue at hand. The question of how tourism can create as much value as possible for Vienna has become equally important – be it through direct added value, through additional demand, which makes investment in local infrastructure possible, or through the global reputation that guests spread as ‚ambassadors‘ of Vienna.


The visitor economy does not only include ‚classic‘ leisure tourism, but also business travelers, convention guests or temporary residents such as employees of international organizations and companies or students from abroad. As part of a broad stakeholder dialogue, which includes not only the tourism industry, but also district mayors, real estate developers, local initiatives, universities, designers and businesses, a comprehensive picture of how Vienna will evolve for and with its visitors and residents will be developed.


The Visitor Economy Strategy 2025 places emphasis on objectives such as: creating attractive neighborhoods outside of the centre, strengthening Vienna's position as a location for corporate meetings and incentives, and promoting digitisation in the visitor economy.


The focus lies on two major visions. On the one hand, an intelligent management of visitor flows should be combined with the development of new, attractive city quarters in order to connect the needs and interests of visitors and residents. On the other hand the city should aim to further develop its cosmopolitan character and enhance its profile as an open, international metropolis.


Urban Innovation Vienna supported the Vienna Tourist Board in the conception and implementation of the stakeholder dialogue and in the creation of the destination strategy.


Vienna Tourist Board


2018 – 2019