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Vienna Integration and Diversity Monitor

Is Vienna suited to the demands of a migration society? – The Integration and Diversity monitor has the answers.

Since 2009, the City of Vienna has developed the Integration and Diversity Monitor in cooperation with Urban Innovation Vienna. Through this, integration processes are analysed and it is revealed how the institutions of the city are changing to meet the requirements of a society shaped by immigration.


Integration is a controversial subject. With the Integration Monitor, a set of tools have been developed to objectify the debate and analyse on a factual basis how societal integration processes are running in important policy fields such as the labour market, education, health, or housing. Whether and how integration and participation are successful is essentially related to diversity management in the institutions of the City of Vienna - the interrelationship of both monitoring processes is therefore an important and logical step.


Since 2009, the Diversity Monitor has therefore analysed the diversity policy of departments and institutions of the Vienna City Administration. How are institutions adapting to the increasing diversity of customers and their needs? What projects and strategies have been developed so that optimum solutions can be offered for all customers? How is it possible to increase the employee diversity? Diversity monitoring analyses these and other aspects using a benchmark system.


For the 2016/2017 period, the Diversity Monitoring was carried out for the fourth time – over 40 institutions from all activity areas of the city took part. This enabled a broad overview and at the same time, all institutions received a precise analysis of their diversity management and advice for the next development steps. The results were summarised in a monitoring report.


City of Vienna, Municipal Department 17 - Integration and Diversity


since 2009