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Vienna Housing Research Day 2017

We are growing beyond our limits. Strategies for living within the metropolitan area.

Not only the population of Vienna is growing, but also the surrounding area has been developing dynamically for years. Even today, the agglomeration of Vienna is a closely interlinked metropolitan area, whose administrative boundaries are playing an ever smaller role in the everyday lives of people. The demand for high-quality living space in well-connected and infrastructure-equipped locations is increasing both inside and outside the city borders and underlines once again the importance of close coordination and cooperation within the metropolitan region. The Housing Research Day 2017 on November 30th, therefore, focused on the development of common solutions across formal administrative boundaries and addressed, among other things, the following questions:


  • Which changes in population, economic and supply structures are caused by the dynamic growth of the city region?
  • How can the high standards of social housing in the growing city region be secured?
  • How can a compact, space-saving settlement development contribute to affordable housing?
  • Which new scope for action can be developed through cooperation in the city region of Vienna?

The Regional Director of the Association Region Stuttgart, Nicola Schelling, talked in a guest lecture about her experiences on housing policy within the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region.


For program and presentations see www.wohnbauforschung.at (only available in German)