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Urban Development

As an all-inclusive discipline that requires the integration of a variety of interests from planning, economy, and society to participation, urban development has become a highly dynamic policy area.

Mo.Hub – Cooperative mobility stations in the neighbourhood
The project Mo.Hub will create more than sustainable mobility alternatives for neighbourhoods: Together with residents, mobility “oases” will be created in public space that create a high-quality atmosphere and encourage people to take public space. read more
DIDIS – Dirmhirngasse District Sharing
The pilot project DIDIS - Dirmhirngasse District Sharing will test how and under which conditions neighbourhood e-car sharing can be a component of urban mobility of the future. read more
Energy Agency of the City
Additional capacity and know-how for the pursuit of Vienna’s energy and climate protection goals. read more
Development Zones
Development zones - a new urban development tool? read more
Co-creative Planning
Ideas for advancing Vienna’s participatory and co-operative culture read more
Smart City Wien – Strategy, Roadmap, Monitoring
Umbrella strategy and roadmap for sustainable development of the city read more
Quality Management in Privately Financed Housing Construction
Approaches to effective governance tools in Vienna read more
Scouting Urban Economy Trends
On the cutting edge: current trends and market developments at a glance read more
Urban MoVe
Private law contracts as innovative programming and management tools for city and mobility planning read more
Future Quarter
Conception of a plus-energy quarter with consideration of the local energy situation and stakeholder requirements. read more
Mobility in new neighborhoods
Support for environmentally friendly mobility concepts and measures in district planning and realisation. read more
Integrative energy planning of urban development areas: joint learning for improved governance. read more
International Presence
The Smart City Agency takes Smart City Wien out into the world. read more
Innovative urban renewal in Vienna-Simmering. read more