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Urban Development

As an all-inclusive discipline that requires the integration of a variety of interests from planning, economy, and society to participation, urban development has become a highly dynamic policy area.

Energy Agency of the City
Additional capacity and know-how for the pursuit of Vienna’s energy and climate protection goals. read more
Urban Think Tank
Trends, analysis and know-how on future topics of metropolitan development. read more
Development Zones
Development zones - a new urban development tool? read more
Shifts in citizens-participation
Ideas for further developing the participation and cooperation culture in Vienna. read more
Cities in the Age of Climate Change
International symposium on 28/11/2017: Urban development in light of the Paris Climate Agreement. read more
Urban MoVe
Private law contracts as innovative programming and management tools for city and mobility planning read more
Future Quarter
Conception of a plus-energy quarter with consideration of the local energy situation and stakeholder requirements. read more
Mobility in new neighborhoods
Support for environmentally friendly mobility concepts and measures in district planning and realisation. read more
Integrative energy planning of urban development areas: joint learning for improved governance. read more
DBS Gateway Region
Regional and transport development in the Danube-Black Sea Region towards a transnational cross-port gateway region. read more
International Presence
The Smart City Agency takes Smart City Wien out into the world. read more
CapaCity – Urban Competences
In 2016, the CapaCity – Urban Competences programme was established as a follow-up project of the DonauHanse cities network. read more
Innovative urban renewal in Vienna-Simmering. read more
The integration and development capacity of the European Union is based on the effective interaction of European, national, regional and local policies. read more
Vital Nodes
Building a lasting expert network that delivers evidenced-based recommendations for Vital Urban Nodes along TEN-T Corridors. read more