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Start-off for newly-funded mobility projects

In the coming weeks, the first four projects supported by the new funding scheme for innovative and energy-efficient mobility offers will start in residential buildings in Vienna.

The first four mobility projects have recently been given their ok within the new funding scheme for innovative and energy-efficient mobility offers which started on 1 February 2020. Their implementation in residential complexes in Vienna - both existing and new buildings - will start shortly.

The projects will offer residents one or more electric cars (e-car sharing) and other single-track e-vehicles (bicycles, cargo bikes, e-bikes, e-mopeds) for rent and sharing.


In the coming weeks and months, the alternative mobility offers based on electric mobility will be further developed with residents. The advantages for residents are thereby clearly visible: time and cost savings, alternative mobility offers, which do not require the usage of a private car. Sharing offers in general also contribute to a stronger neighborhood.


The first four projects funded under the new scheme


The first four projects that have been approved for funding demonstrate the variety of possible implementation options.

  • In the 23rd district, a stationary e-car sharing in the garage and an e-bike rental service with 8-bikes from the "3sixty5" rental network will be implemented in a new BUWOG building with almost 200 apartments.
  • In Floridsdorf, the creation of a mobility point with 2 e-cars and single-lane e-vehicles will be created as part of a new residential project of the Kallinger Group and Arwag with a total of 360 apartments.
  • After positive experiences with the sharing of an electric transporter, the non-profit housing developer Sozialbau AG is now starting with one e-vehicle and 2 e-mopeds per housing estate in 10 communities. In total, the residents of about 10,000 apartments will benefit from these offers.
  • As part of a community-based project in the 2nd district an electric car and an e-cargobike will be shared between two neighboring residential building (in total 70 apartments).


According to the funding conditions, the mobility offers must be in operation for at least 2 years after the project´s conception phase. They will then be evaluated. A continuation and retention of the newly created mobility measures is intended. The charging infrastructure must be operated with green electricity.


A volume of approx. 400.000 Euros will be paid out for these first four innovative funding projects over the next 2-3 years. This will trigger investments of more than one million euros for mobility measures in residential buildings in Vienna.


New submissions possible until 2021


Further projects can be submitted until the end of 2021 as long as funding is available. A total of EUR 2 million is in the pot for this particular funding scheme.

The second submission deadline is 31 October 2020. Prior to submitting an application, it is mandatory to consult with the funding agency.


Further information on the funding can be found on the website of the City of Vienna as well as on the website of the funding agency Urban Innovation Vienna.