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There is a significant date each year that gets no more than a small mention in the media. In 2018, it was the first of August. This is the day on which humanity has used up all the raw materials earth is able to renew within a full year. We are producing more pollutants that the oceans and forests are able to degrade, cutting more wood than can grow back, and so on. Everyone knows by now that we are living far beyond our means. It is shocking, though, that this date has moved forward from November to mid-summer in under two decades.


The ‘ecological footprint’ of the human population keeps growing. It is also becoming more noticeable. Climate change has caught up with us: 17 of the 18 hottest years since the start of measurements have occurred since 2000. Cities are particularly affected by this development. People live in close proximity. Residential, work and leisure uses share close quarters. Energy consumption and the emission of damaging greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are concentrated in cities. Urban spaces suffer the greater consequences of global warming and resource scarcity that will seriously affect people’s future life.


Cities have always, however, also been the driving forces behind change and innovation. Our future life designs are made in urban spaces! Across the world, more and more cities are taking responsibility and creating strategies for sustainable development.


"Smart City Wien" is the vision of a city that will continue to offer high quality of life, not by taxing the environment but by respecting it! Vienna has developed a comprehensive strategy in order to get there. The Smart City Wien Framework Strategy builds on three fundamental elements:

  1. resource conservation
  2. quality of life
  3. innovation

A number of goals were defined for all affected fields, from energy and mobility to education and research, which will be implemented in stages to be completed by 2030 or 2050. A monitoring process will oversee and regularly examine progress. The projects show that the Smart City Wien vision has already manifested itself in many aspects of our lives. With Smart.Simple. 14 projects are illustrated in an uncomplicated way and their contribution to Smart City Wien is shown.


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