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Smart City Agency

The Smart City Wien initiative pursues the goal of finding contemporary and effective responses to climate change and the drastic shortage of natural resources, and achieving the climate and energy objectives set by the European Union.


On behalf of the city, the Smart City Agency coordinates the diverse activities surrounding the initiative and the Smart City Wien framework strategy. Furthermore, it perceives international tasks within this field of expertise, such as relaying smart Best Practice examples, as well as exchanging know-how between relevant players, and brings current European and international subjects and discussions to Vienna.



Versatile communication - both offline and online - on themes within the broad spectrum of the Smart City initiative represents an important task area. For example, a daily-updated website provides information about relevant subjects appropriate to the target group and is a first point of contact for those interested in the matter.



The Smart City Agency is also the coordination centre of DigitalCity.Wien, an initiative jointly promoted by the private sector and city administration, with the objective of transforming Vienna into a leading digital “hotspots” in Europe and positioning it as such both internally and externally. The initiative was developed from a discussion on possible solutions to shortages in the Vienna’s IT workforce which was held in 2013, and subsequently expanded into a much broader project.



TINA Vienna GmbH, which became UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH in 2017 by merging with europaforum wien, has been active in the "Smart City Wien" area since 2011 and houses the Smart City Agency since 2012 when the City of Vienna tasked TINA Vienna with further tasks within the framework of a performance mandate. By adopting the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy in the Vienna City Council in June 2014, the Smart City Agency of TINA Vienna took up a key role as a link between all relevant initiatives and programs of the City of Vienna in implementing the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy.




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International Presence
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Communication Activities
The Smart City Agency gives Smart City Wien a presence both nationally and internationally. read more