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Shifts in citizens-participation

Ideas for further developing the participation and cooperation culture in Vienna.

Citizen participation has a long tradition in Vienna - in order to be able to keep up with social and economic transformations, in order to meet the demands and expectations of those involved and to secure good results, the participation agenda must be continually broadened and further developed.


The purpose of the project "shifts in citizens-participation" is to support Vienna's urban development and all it's players in this process. Vienna is rapidly developing and transforming - population growth, the transformation towards a smart city with a high quality of life, and securing and further developing the business location require courageous measures of urban development, which also cause different interests to come together and conflicting goals to occur consequently. Therefore, more than ever, it is about moderation, negotiation skills and cooperation between the city, it's citizens and project developers. In practice, polarisation and conflict are still put in the spotlight too often.


Against this background, central participatory processes of the recent past are critically reflected in the framework of the project - with participating citizens, planners and project developers. A special focus is put on the role of social media. Digitalisation and new channels and forms of communication bring potential for new forms of participation and collaboration, but also bear significant risks; this ambivalence is analysed against the background of existing approaches in Vienna and international experience.


At the end of the project there are proposals for the further development of the participation agenda in the field of urban development. The guiding principle will be to design dialogue, cooperation and intervention formats for a "different", namely a cooperative culture of participation.


City of Vienna, Municipal Department 21 - District Planning and Land Use


until the end of 2018