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A European success story: Vienna’s Partnership with the European Investment Bank

Vienna is an undeniable success story. Over the last decades the city has become a dynamic and prosperous metropolis, as it attains first place in international rankings on quality of life year after year. This is not only the outcome of social, future-oriented urban development, but also a result of the city’s close cooperation with the European Investment Bank (EIB). The bank facilitated many of the city’s key projects by providing funding. In the UIV Article for the European Investment Bank’s essay series ‘Cities  Transformed’ we reflect on the course of this partnership over the past decades from the fall of the Iron Curtain until today. The bank supported and shaped Vienna’s innovations in the areas of environmental protection, energy, housing and city development as well as transport and mobility, education, science and research. Often the projects featured cutting-edge technology or designs. For example, one of the EIB financed projects enables the city’s wastewater treatment plant to use sewage sludge as an energy resource. This will be the first municipal project for energy independence in all of Europe.

In the face of new challenges such as a growing need for affordable housing or the dangers of climate change, a solid cooperation with European partners such as the EIB will be as important as ever in the coming years.


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