Smart City Wien – Strategy, Roadmap, Monitoring

Umbrella strategy and roadmap for sustainable development of the city

The global climate crisis demands determined and far-sighted action. The Smart City Wien Strategy defines Vienna’s long-term sustainability goals – in line with the international climate protection targets and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 


What makes a city a “smart city”? Smart City Wien is the local answer to the global challenges we are facing. The Smart City Wien Framework Strategy does not derive its success solely from the use of modern technologies but rather opts for a more holistic approach. As a comprehensive umbrella strategy, it comprises all areas that need to interlock in order to ensure sustainable development: energy efficiency, increased production and use of renewable energy, environmentally friendly forms of mobility, consistent refurbishment of the existing building stock, etc. And all this is to be achieved by using technological and digital solutions, different methods of participation and social innovation while pursuing a clear focus on inclusiveness and high quality of life for all.


As a consequence of the increasing climate crisis, not only the international climate protection goals have to be regularly reviewed. In 2018/19, Vienna’s Smart City Strategy, too, was subjected to extensive revision: The new strategy now reflects more ambitious long-term goals concerning the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions and incorporates such fundamental principles as the circularity of the economy and of the building sector. At the same time, the strategy was explicitly linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The Future Cities team elaborated the new strategy in close co-operation with the Smart City Project Unit of the City of Vienna and a broad range of public institutions and independent experts. Together with the strategy, the Vienna City Council also adopted two new instruments: an expert advisory board on all questions of climate policy and climate budgets that embody all measures to be implemented within the city’s budget framework. As a connecting element between long-term strategic goals and short-term implementation measures, a roadmap will be developed by Urban Innovation Vienna. UIV will also regularly monitor how far the city has achieved its self-defined objectives, again in close co-operation with the Vienna City Administration and its institutions and companies.




Monitoring Report 2017

Smart.Simpel brochure


City of Vienna, Urban Development and Planning, Smart City Project Unit


2017 – 2020



over 40 institutions and enterprises of the City of Vienna, interest groups and numerous experts