Scouting Urban Economy Trends

On the cutting edge: current trends and market developments at a glance

Knowledge of how markets, companies and business models in different industries change in the context of technological, social and societal transformations is becoming increasingly important for cities and city administrations. The technical term for this field is “market intelligence”. At the core, there is always the question of how current and expected future developments will affect the city and urban society and which options and tasks for urban development this will entail. This knowledge contributes significantly towards identifying potentials and risks at an early stage and helps to prepare accordingly.


Future Cities aids cities in building this market intelligence:

  • By looking at trends in industries with high relevance and change dynamics, such as retail, the construction industry, mobility and ride sharing, the market for office real estate or real estate concepts that promote a connection between living and production.
  • By analysing new business and company models in detail, such as companies of the platform economy active in the mobility sector as well as in accommodation and lodging.


City of Vienna, Urban Development and Planning
City of Vienna, Economic Affairs, Labour and Statistics


since 2015