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Innovative urban renewal in Vienna-Simmering.

Vienna, Munich and Lyon are providing stimuli for positive social dynamics and sustainable urban development in selected neighborhoods. The focus is on effective measures for climate protection and more quality of urban life - such as integrated building renovations, climate-friendly energy systems, e-mobility.


Smarter Together tests the synergetic implementation of different Smart City components in a Viennese district. The focus is on climate protection measures and more quality of urban life - such as integrated refurbishment of buildings, the construction of a plus-energy gym, the exemplary integration of renewable energy sources into the district heating network, new e-mobility services in the form of new mobility points and e-logistics solutions. The project is characterized by intensive cooperation of numerous municipal departments with municipal companies and industrial or SME partners. Equally important is the involvement of residents and the local population. The goal is to demonstrate and carry forward replicable solutions for Vienna and other cities that go beyond the individual case. As a demonstration area, the area between Simmeringer Hauptstraße and Ostbahn (Geiselberg, Enkplatz) was selected for Vienna in Simmering, which is characterized by a high proportion of community and social housing.


Smarter Together is an EU project in which, in addition to Vienna, Munich and Lyon are also working together on similar projects, as well as the cities of Sofia, Santiago de Compostela and Venice as "Follower Cities".


The Energy Center supports the City of Vienna (lead MA 25) in the project management of the Viennese demonstration area and the participation in the international consortium (consisting of 31 partners) and also takes over content-related tasks around the energy issues and the development of replicable solutions for Vienna and brings in the international transfer of knowledge and experience.


Further information can be found on the website of the Viennese project area and on the joint website of the partner cities.


European Union (Horizon 2020, Smart Cities and Communities)


02/2016 – 01/2021


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