RenoBooster – the Smart Renovation Hub Vienna

The EU project "RenoBooster", under the lead of the City of Vienna, aims at developing new advisory and funding services for house refurbishments in Vienna.

A "One-Stop-Shop" - as it is supposed to exist in all member states according to the new EU building directive - should bundle the offers and thus simplify, accelerate and improve renovations. Vienna is therefore one of the first European cities and regions to develop such a service.


The energy-related refurbishment of residential buildings has many advantages. It increases living comfort - in winter and summer - and is an important driver for local jobs and added value. The high-quality energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings also makes a very important contribution to achieving the city's energy and climate goals. Last but not least, the continued use of existing buildings also preserves the character of the city and enhances existing neighborhoods.



In practice, however, owners willing to renovate are often confronted with complex technical, financial and legal challenges that the existing service infrastructure does not meet. By creating additional support services and bundling the various services and information in a central contact point ("one-stop shop"), the planning, execution and financing of house renovations should be made considerably easier. This is intended to increase both the number and quality of refurbishments.



In the "RenoBooster" project, key players from the municipal administration, the real estate industry, energy consulting and opinion research have joined efforts to improve the range of support available to home owners and administrators. Already during the course of the project, the One-Stop-Shop shall use the newly developed services for the first refurbishment projects in Vienna, e.g. a redevelopment pilot, or "all from one hand packages" for single-family house refurbishments or special quality assurance services. Simultaneously, legal framework conditions and subsidies are examined in order to create an optimally coordinated service. A web portal will provide access to all essential services and information. The opening of the one-stop shop is planned for fall 2022.



The Energy Center is responsible for the scientific coordination of the project and is in charge of the conception and business plan of the one-stop shop.



Contact: Judith Neyer


European Union (Horizon 2020, Energy)


05/2019 – 10/2022


City of Vienna (project lead), Wohnfonds Wien, Association of the Austrian Real Estate Industry (ÖVI), DIE UMWELTBERATUNG, e7 Energie Markt Analyse, 17&4 Organisationsberatung GmbH, SORA Institute