Municipal Energy Programmes

What possibilities does the city have for increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies? Municipal programmes show the way.

In addition to the Smart City Framework Strategy, the City of Vienna will soon have an energy framework strategy that sets the main guiding principles and objectives up to the year 2030 and beyond. These framework strategies are supplemented by specific technical programmes, such as the Municipal Energy Efficiency Programme (SEP 2030), the Renewable Action Plan (RAP) or the Integrated Energy Planning Concept, which bundle the measures for achieving the targets as well as the appropriate opportunities (=instruments) at city level.


The Energy Center supports the City of Vienna in the design of these programmes, in the quantitative analysis, the development and coordination of suitable measures and their monitoring:


Conception. For the Municipal Energy Efficiency Programme (SEP 2030), a proposal has been prepared which, in addition to a quantitative analysis, also contains a catalog of measures. The SEP 2030 is to be finalised after the decision on the Energy Framework Strategy is taken. The work on the Renewable Action Plan (RAP) will follow soon, building on preparatory work from 2012. All programmes will be developed in a coordinated manner.


Evaluation of measures. For the sale of savings from energy efficiency measures in accordance with the Federal Energy Efficiency Act, the Energy Center supports the City of Vienna in calculating the achieved energy savings in accordance with the published guidelines.


Monitoring. The Energy Center manages the determination and interpretation of the energy and resource-relevant indicators of the monitoring of the Smart City Vienna Framework Strategy as well as the thematic concept on mobility.


City of Vienna, Municipal Department 20 - Energy Planning


1/2016 – 12/2018