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International Presence

The Smart City Agency takes Smart City Wien out into the world.

Smart City Wien is in international demand and requires corresponding local formats and structures. Only in this way can a sensible bridge be guaranteed along with a profitable national and international exchange of know-how.


The Smart City approach from the City of Vienna is considered one of the most significant strategic, communicative, and awareness initiatives in the modern advancement of the urban living area and its urban infrastructures, as well as their networking with partners. On these aspects, the Smart City Agency assumes a central servicing role for the Municipal Authority in line with a management and self-autonomous implementation unit.


In an international context, Vienna acts as a role model and is visited by many, mainly international delegations with great interest. On request, directly at the agency or through a third party, delegations are supported through Smart City Wien in the form of presentations, discussions, and interviews. Throughout the year, around 60-80 international delegations concerning Smart City are received at Urban Innovation Vienna. The agency also conveys delegations to the respective thematic guide and can additionally put together multi-day programmes if desired. For these purposes, the agency constantly cooperates with partners who also support delegations in Vienna for this purpose. These include the Vienna Tourist Board, EuroComm, Vienna Business Agency, Wien Holding Company, and many more.


To successfully deal with urban challenges and exist in international comparison, it is important to look beyond city and national borders. Above all, cooperation with other European cities and the multiplying feature of networks plays a large role in this. Learning from one another and influencing the European agendas together can be essential for shaping our own urban future. On the one hand, participation in international flagship projects means introducing Viennese know-how and supporting other cities in implementing innovative solutions, while on the other hand, it allows Vienna to develop new knowledge and to incorporate it into relevant operational structures.


Based on the comprehensive experience in a national as well as international context, the employees of the Smart City Agency represent the City of Vienna at selected events and carry the holistic approach of Smart City Wien into the world in accordance with appropriate decision makers.