Future Quarter 2.0

Replicable, thermally and electrically grid-compatible conception of (plus-energy) neighbourhoods in dense urban contexts

High shares of renewable energy sources with high volatility in generation demand high requirements for integration and security of supply of the entire energy system. Developments of high local energy production (keyword plus-energy-quarters) should not stress the networks by additional peaks in feed-in (PV) or simultaneous consumption (electric cars, heating peaks).



An important element in solving problems in dense urban areas is the matching of local feed-in and consumption to volatile generation through demand-side management. On the other hand, energy storage facilities in the neighbourhood can act as grid-supporting flexibilities.


The aim of the project is to develop a concept for the grid integration of innovative (plus-energy) neighbourhoods with high on-site energy production into the existing grid infrastructure (electricity and district heating) - creating a "win-win" situation for suppliers and grid operators as well as for users, investors and developers.


In the course of Future Quarter 2.0, comprehensive studies on technical, economic, legal and social issues will be conducted in an integrated manner.

The innovation content lies in the development of a scientific method for an optimal system design including storage technologies, as well as in the development of a local control strategy to enable an optimized interaction with the overall network.


For the practice check, the planning of a real plus-energy-quarter in Vienna Floridsdorf (Pilzgasse) is being accompanied in parallel and the results are continuously coordinated with other potential plus-energy-quarters and important stakeholders.


The findings and solutions of Future Quarter 2.0 will be processed as guidelines and tools for planning and process support for further neighbourhood developments.


The project builds on the exploratory project "Future Quarter".


Future Quarter 2.0 is part of the Green Energy Lab, a research initiative for sustainable energy solutions and part of the Austrian innovation offensive "Energy Showcase Region" of the Climate and Energy Fund. With the test market of Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria with about five million end customers, the Green Energy Lab is Austria's largest "innovation laboratory" for green energy. More than 150 participating partners from research, business and the public sector are working together with the four provincial energy suppliers Wien Energie, EVN, Energie Burgenland and Energie Steiermark to develop customer and demand-oriented, scalable solutions - from prototype to marketability.


Further information: www.greenenergylab.at/en/


Contact: Petra Schöfmann





Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) (program „city of tomorrow“)


06/2019 – 11/2021


FH Technikum Wien, IBR & I Institute of Building Research & Innovation