Future Quarter

Conception of a plus-energy quarter with consideration of the local energy situation and stakeholder requirements.

One of the many challenges on the path to decarbonisation is the development of sustainable, safe and affordable energy supply strategies for (new construction) quarters. As support and to set an example, the municipal government of Vienna undertook the realization of an innovative role-model city district in its governmental agreement (2015) in the chapter “energy”.


In the course of the funded exploratory study “Future Quarter“ (“Zukunftsquartier“) transferable concepts for plus-energy quarters are developed. Based on and subsequent to this scoping study, an energy showcase quarter in Vienna shall be realised. Plus-energy quarters are city districts which produce more energy (electricity and heat) over the year than the users consume by utilising local energy sources, synergies concerning mixed usages and flexibilities. In the course of the project, possibilities and definitions to transfer this concept to the very dense city are being investigated.


The undertaking strives for the development of a quarter-energy-system that enables the distribution of the recovered energy between the local consumers and thereby optimizes all energy services comprehensively. The areas of focus lie on the technical and economic feasibility as well as user comfort. On the basis of the exploratory study, an energy showcase quarter in Vienna shall be realised.


Under the direction of the UIV Energy Center and together with the project partners University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna (FH Technikum Wien) and the Institute of Building Research and Innovation (IBR&I), profound technical and economic analysis and rough energy concepts as well as variants for a number of concrete areas with mixed usage in Vienna in the 3rd, 10th, 16th, 17th and 21st district are currently being developed. These are predominantly new construction quarters, but also existing quarters of different size, that show varying on-site energy potentials which shall be used with innovative concepts. For the one or two quarters with the highest probability of realisation and on the basis of the local energy situation as well as stakeholder requirements, detailed energy concepts on the level of preliminary drafts are being developed. Thereby, the technical and economic feasibility as well as the legal framework are analysed and examined.


Property developers and planners of the respective quarters are involved in the project as well as important municipal actors. This creates the best possible conditions for a subsequent realisation. Through collective analysis of a greater number of quarters and the development of recommendations for action, the project shall give new insights for the broader application of the concept “plus-energy quarter” and function as an important initiator and precursor for the realisation of future innovative energy showcase quarters in Vienna and other cities.


„City of tomorrow" is a research and technology program of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT). It is handled on behalf of the BMVIT via the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) together with the Austrian Economy Service Corporation (aws) and the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT).


Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) (program „city of tomorrow“)


07/2018 - 06/2019


FH Technikum Wien

IBR&I Institute for Building Research and Innovation ZT GmbH