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Communication Activities

The Smart City Agency gives Smart City Wien a presence both nationally and internationally.

Forums, events & regular formats


In the context of communication and network activity, organising separate events is highly important. So-called content-related forums and events can be sufficiently broad and address a larger topic target group of each specific theme. With selected key persons in Vienna as well as internationally, events and continuing formats on current issues in the city also discussed internationally, are being developed and organised.


In addition to the Smart City Forums which take place several times a year and are intended to promote the exchange on Smart City Wien and more, there are some other formats worth mentioning at Smart City Wien from the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.


The DigitalCity.Wien initiative, which was started in 2014 by the private sector and public administration, deals with relevant and future-oriented issues and themes surrounding Smart City Wien. For example, there is a focus on women in IT: A high proportion of male decision makers and employees in the Viennese IT industry make it necessary to showcase women in IT and to place them in the public eye through targeted projects and measures. The “Digital Salon” is a monthly attractive yet unusual format for addressing and discussing IT topics. This range of events is about integrating a traditional, very female-dominated event format with controversial questions concerning the contemporary range of topics within digitalisation.


A further successful format was created in the form of the DigitalDays, an annual series of events from DigitalCity.Wien to increase the focus on digital expertise in Vienna and to present all activities surrounding the initiative and their partners. The goal of the Digital Days is to allow innovative technologies to be seen and experienced and to deal with current issues of the digital world in discussion formats featuring high-ranking experts. Due to its variety, this offer is deliberately oriented towards all kinds of target groups in equal measure, from pupils to IT specialists.


Publications & print media


As part of Smart City Wien and DigitalCity.Wien, all kinds of publications and articles for various media are textually prepared, coordinated, and published. Furthermore, separate informational material on specific topics is developed and thesis papers written where required, often in cooperation with other partners.


Online presence

The mission portfolio of the agency includes establishing an online presence for the Smart City through its website as well as broad social media activity. Here, the website is maintained on both an editorial and structural level by the agency in cooperation with the city’s Press and Information Services. The relevance of the website is made priority, with regular articles featuring Smart City-specific content and the website is also used as a platform for marketing appropriate third-party events or publications. The collection of selected Smart City projects is of particular value here as signs of the Smart City work. To complement the work on the website, various social media channels are also maintained to expand their reach.


One very special example from the communications division is the “DigitalMondayBlog”, a digital action from the DigitalCity.Wien web platform: This regular blog is a tried and tested format and now features a diverse array of subjects which deal with questions concerning current issues of digitalisation.


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