New Social Housing in Europe

An international city network on crucial issues of housing policy

In the context of the International Building Exhibition “IBA_Vienna: New Social Housing”, Vienna initiates a dialogue between partner cities on current challenges in housing policy. Urban Innovation Vienna acts as the central node in the international discourse network.


In recent years, the issue of affordable housing has become a focus of attention in many large cities. With the instrument of the International Building Exhibition, Vienna is creating a platform to find exemplary answers to questions of “new social housing”. IBA_Vienna wants to go beyond the traditional format of a local building exhibition for an international audience, as it not only intends to initiate and present housing policy innovations per se, but also to set off a broad exchange between cities on key challenges of housing policy and possible solutions.

The core of this discourse is formed by a network of partner cities that are in close contact with one other, jointly define critical questions and work on answering them with different approaches. Urban Innovation Vienna supports the team of IBA_Vienna as an information and contact hub in initiating contacts with the partner cities, in building and managing the emerging network, in developing conceptual overlaps and common grounds and in designing possible discourse and presentation formats.

As part of an IBA_Vienna publication, the team of Future Cities illustrates different housing policy approaches of six European cities – Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Paris and Prague. This article was developed in close co-operation with the partner cities, thus providing an impulse to deepen contacts and jointly work out relevant questions. 

Embedded in the programme of the IBA interim presentation year 2020, the symposium “How Will We Live Tomorrow? New Ways to Social Housing in Europe” offers an occasion for the first meeting of the partner cities in Vienna and triggers a dialogue along the three main themes of affordability and new ways of housing, sustainable neighbourhood development and climate and sustainability. 

Until the final presentation of IBA_Vienna in 2022, the exchange between IBA_Vienna and its partner cities will be further intensified in the context of different discursive formats. At the final presentation of IBA_Vienna in 2022, the results of the long-term co-operation co-ordinated by Urban Innovation Vienna will be made visible to an international audience. 


Photo: PID/Schedl


International Building Exhibition Vienna “IBA_Vienna 2022”