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Housing Research Days

Vienna sets international standards in residential construction. Since 2005 the Viennese professional community has its jour fixe.

In order to find answers to current housing policy challenges, Vienna operates an intensive housing research programme. The Vienna Housing Research Days, organized by Urban Innovation Vienna, are an annual event in which research results are presented and discussed within the Viennese housing community.


In the beginning the Vienna Housing Research Days were a collection of small specialist workshops. By now, they regularly attract over 200 participants. Despite their success the Vienna Housing Research Days have succeeded to keep up their original character of a constructive dialogue, combined with informal networking.


The following list provides an overview of recently discussed topics:

  • Housing in the metropolitan area
  • Housing satisfaction and sense of security
  • The role of housing in developing vibrant urban neighbourhoods
  • Quality management of housing stock and newly constructed buildings
  • Neighbourhood management, identity and dialogue
  • Affordability and social sustainability of subsidised housing
  • Energy efficiency and technical innovation


At longer intervals, the Vienna Housing Research Days are becoming the Housing Research Weeks in which specific topics are discussed with a broader audience through the use of innovative event formats and excursions.


The exchange of knowledge is supported by an Internet platform managed by Urban Innovation Vienna, where the results of all research projects are made publicly accessible. A regular newsletter informs about new publications as well as upcoming events.




City of Vienna, Municipal Department 50 - Housing Promotion and Arbitration Board for Legal Housing Matters


since 2005