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Expert Dialogues: Urban Infrastructure for Future Mobility

This autumn there will be a three-part series of events on the topics of "E-charging Infrastructure in Urban Areas", "Mobility Stations in Public Space" and "Collective Garages as an Alternative".

#1 E-charging Infrastructure in Urban Areas | 15.09.2020 | 912 h | Wiener Planungswerkstatt

Registrations of electric cars are growing and, driven by political, legal and technological conditions as well as subsidies, will continue to rise in Vienna. The establishment of a suitable and sufficient e-charging infrastructure is essential, but brings with it challenges, whether in public spaces or on private property, e.g. in garages and residential buildings. The event deals with framework conditions and requirements as well as possible implementation hurdles and assistance in the implementation of e-charging infrastructure.



#2 Mobility Stations in Public Space | 20.10.2020 | 9 12 h | Wiener Linien

Shared mobility make it possible to get by without your own car and offer an extension to public transport. Particularly attractive are bundled sharing offers in the form of mobility stations, where different vehicles are available. However, the implementation and operation of such stations is not trivial, especially when it comes to the use of public space, the integration of the offers into a booking platform or the dimensioning and design of the offers. International and Vienna-wide implementation examples are being presented and discussed.



#3 Collective Garages as an Alternative | 10.11.2020 | 912 h | Wiener Planungswerkstatt

Collective garages are a promising instrument for defusing the parking space situation in new districts with high urban density. Hybrid uses and suitable operator models allow parking to be organised more efficiently - not least, costs can be saved when constructing apartment buildings. First experiences with collective garages and implementation hurdles will be discussed. International examples are presented to encourage learning.



The events are supported by the EU programme CIVITAS SATELLITE. Participation is free of charge. However, due to limited space, registration is absolutely necessary. You can register now for each event. Just send a short e-mail to!

The possibility of online participation in the events is also offered.


We will send you further information on the programme separately after registration and about two weeks before the respective event!