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Energy Agency of the City

Additional capacity and know-how for the pursuit of Vienna’s energy and climate protection goals.

Following the example of numerous local and regional energy agencies, the Vienna City Council decided in 2013 to set up an independent competence center for energy. This was settled in TINA Vienna, today Urban Innovation Vienna, a company of Wien Holding, and supports the City of Vienna in achieving its ambitious energy and climate protection goals. 


According to the municipal council decision, the tasks of the Energy Center are:


  • Analysis of data for the further development of the energy policy framework in Vienna.
  • Implementation of measures of the Urban Energy Efficiency Programme and the Renewable Energy Action Plan of the City of Vienna.
  • Support and supervision of pilot projects in Vienna.
  • Provision of a platform for cooperation and communication for the networking of stakeholders.
  • Collection of best practice models in the field of energy.
  • Preparation of studies and advice to the city in special energy issues.
  • Technical assistance to the energy-relevant Smart City activities of Vienna.
  • Involvement, coordination and participation in national and international projects.
  • Implementation of energy-related awareness-raising measures.
  • Support for the monitoring of the Urban Energy Efficiency Programme and the Renewable Energy Action Plan.
  • Observing European and international developments in the energy sector.
  • Involvement and participation in energy-relevant working groups.


The focus is on advice and support for the city of Vienna, its departments and enterprises. The Energy Center sets impulses for innovative pilot projects and communicates at the interfaces between city, economy and science. In doing so the Energy Center does not compete with service providers operating in the market.


The direct municipal contact is the Municipal Department for Energy Planning (MA 20). The concrete activities are coordinated with the MA 20 in annual work programmes. National and EU funding programmes are strategically used to enhance resources and competences, such as with the projects EcoRegeneration (bmvit – Programme City of the Future), URBAN LEARNING (Horizon 2020 Energy) or Smarter Together (Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities). In synergy with the Climate Protection Programme klimaaktiv renewable heat, a platform for expert dialogue and informal exchange on innovative urban energy solutions is offered.


Focal themes based on the municipal council decision are e.g. currently:

  • the support of Municipal Energy Programmes
  • Energy in numbers
  • Integrated Energy Planning.


City of Vienna, Municipal Department 20 - Energy Planning


1/2016 – 12/2018