E-Mobility Scenario 2030

e-mobility in a field test

In the course of this project, funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund (program "electric mobility in practice"), garage spaces in an existing building of the developer “Wien Süd”, in the 23rd district of Vienna, are equipped with charging stations and residents are provided with an electric vehicle for six weeks, whereas a share of e-mobility of 30%-50% shall be simulated. Through detailed metrological monitoring it is examined, whether the connected power capacity of the building is sufficient and information on the user satisfaction of the subject group in regards to e-mobility is gathered. Therefore, charging stations as well as charging management for electric vehicles are installed in the underground parking and the residents that take part in the project are equipped with a free electric vehicle (Denzel, Renault Austria, Future Driving etc.).


The aim is to show that retrofitting and the operation of electric charging stations in existing residential buildings is possible on a larger scale, by gathering energy supply data and by testing of the target state of electric vehicles based on the forecast of the year 2030.


The Energy Center is responsible for dissemination activities of the project results. Through presentations, workshops, press releases and briefings, lessons learned and recommendations shall be passed on to building developers, property managements, energy suppliers, the municipality, vehicle suppliers and interested parties.


Contact: Gerald Franz


Austrian Climate and Energy Fund (program “electric mobility in practice“)


02/2019 – 12/2019


e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH

non-profit building & housing cooperative „Wien-Süd"

Wien Energie GmbH

Wiener Netze GmbH