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Digital Days

The Digital Days increase awareness of the digital expertise and activities of the DigitalCity.Wien Initiative in Vienna.

The goal of the Digital Days is to bring innovative technologies to life and interactively discuss exciting and current issues concerning digitalisation in top-class expert talks.


The Digital Days are an annual, stand-alone, two to three-day series of events focussing on increasing the awareness of Vienna’s digital expertise and presenting all activities surrounding the DigitalCity.Wien initiative and their partners.


The objective of the Digital Days is to bring technologies to the forefront and to life and discuss current issues in the digital world in talks with high-ranking experts.


Due to its diversity, this offer is deliberately oriented towards all kinds of target groups in equal measure, from pupils to IT specialists.


The Smart City Wien Agency is in charge of coordinating this project.


For example, in September 2017, the Digital Days were organised in the Vienna City Hall building, as well as at a university, and were able to offer a diverse range of events.


At “TechStreet”, visitors could familiarise themselves with the various technologies and test it out. Here, innovative solutions and projects from the technological industry were presented. School classes availed of separately organised tours through “TechStreet”.


Within top-class expert talks, exciting and current issues concerning digitalisation, such as Blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and chatbots were discussed interactively. Focus was also on the subject of Active and Assisted Living, the future of work, and the challenges in the “Internet Revolution of Learning” training session. The performance show and pitch session for local cyber security providers also occupied a special place.


A separate item on the programme was the presentation and award ceremony to honour the project presentation of the Best of Industry meets Makers. Industry meets Makers is a project aimed at initiating new collaboration models between the industry and the creative maker scene to increase productivity for both sides as a result of the innovation and business potential generated.