DIDIS – Cross-neighbourhood e-car-sharing

Since August 2020, residents from two apartment buildings in Vienna Liesing have been sharing an electric car. The pilot project DIDIS - Dirmhirngasse District Sharing will provide answers as to how this model can be transferred to other neighbourhoods.

The number of cars in Vienna is growing. In relation to the growing number of inhabitants, however, car ownership has been falling slightly for several years - 374 cars are registered per 1,000 inhabitants  (2019). There are still large differences in the comparison between the 23 districts of Vienna. For example, the car density in Vienna Liesing with 494 cars per 1,000 inhabitants was almost twice as high as in Vienna's 15th district Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus with 275.


One reason for the higher car ownership in districts like Liesing, Donaustadt or Hietzing is, among other things, large areas with lower population densities. If the distances to the next underground station or the supermarket are longer, the own car is more often considered as an alternative or supplement to other mobility offers.


The DIDIS project is testing whether the "electric car for sharing" could be a sustainable addition to the urban mobility offer for the neighbourhood.


E-car sharing in housing - a cheap and CO2-free alternative

Inhabitants of Liesing are offered an alternative to their own car or a second car as part of the DIDIS - Dirmhirngasse District Sharing project. Since August 2020, an VW E-Golf has been available to the residents of two housing complexes of Wien Süd and Sozialbau AG. The pilot project is financed by the Climate and Energy Fund and organised and supported by Urban Innovation Vienna (UIV) together with its project partners. The sharing car, VW E-Golf as well as booking platforms tailored for the project are provided by the car sharing provider sharetoo, which has several sharing cars in the south of Vienna and beyond that can also be used by DIDIS users.


The engineering office for energy and environmental technology e7 energy innovation & engineering is responsible for the evaluation of the driving and charging data as well as the survey of the users.


Wien Energie builds and operates the e-charging infrastructure in the underground car park of the Wien Süd residential complex and collects the measurement data.


DIDIS grows

Since February 2021, not only the residents of the more than 200 apartments of Wien Süd and Sozialbau have had the opportunity to use the electric car, but also the extended neighbourhood. Everyone can register here free of charge and has the opportunity to use e-car sharing, including two free hours and low-cost rates.