In a broad stakeholder process, D-CARE is developing Smart Care models in nine regions along the Danube, which are intended to counteract the nursing emergency through the use of technologies and innovative learning techniques.

After status and needs analyses in the individual regions, the use of technology and innovative, target group-specific learning techniques in the field of care - Smart Care – tailored regional solutions for solving problems in the care sector are developed and tested in Smart Care Pilots along the Danube:

How can private and professional caregivers are supported, how can care recipients (sometimes with different health restrictions) be reached and motivated to digital cooperation, through which cooperation can the large number of the missing care staff be recruited and what institutional requirements must be met so technologies can be successfully implemented in the care sector.


D-CARE stands for developing, piloting and validating smart care models in Danube region for supporting social innovation, improving competences and entrepreneurship, D-CARE compares the different regional approaches and puts them together within the framework of a transnational learning policy center in order to make them accessible to all interested parties.


UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH cooperates in the Austrian part of the project with Johanniter Austria Education and Research non-profit GmbH and is responsible for the creation of the Transnational Learning Policy Center.


MD-OS PICT / INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme




Universities, regional agencies, research institutions, etc. in the context of care from Romania (LP), Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova