Conference on Climate Protection

International symposium on 28/11/2017: Urban development in light of the Paris Climate Agreement.

How does the Paris Climate Agreement affect urban development policy? How successful have European cities been in realising climate protection and adaptation so far? These and other crucial questions for the city and urban development have been discussed with climate experts among others from Paris and Hamburg on the initiative of Vice-Mayor Vassilakou on the 28th November 2017.


The Paris Climate Agreement of December 2015 is not only a geopolitical challenge, but also represents an extremely ambitious future task for all cities. Even though a great number of cities have already set objectives for climate protection in their various strategies and mission statements, it is an entirely different thing to actually put these intentions into practice through politically-supported measures and innovations in planning, organisation, and implementation.


For this reason, the “Cities in the Age of Climate Change” conference asked how Vienna and other European cities have adapted or reworked their urban development policy to correspond with the requirements of climate protection, and the successes or failures that they recorded. The whole area of regulation readjustment on various levels of urban development (e.g. building code, energy supply, mobility management, etc.) to align with climate change aspects confronts policy, administration, population, and the economy with complex matters and changes across the board.


One of the best methods for self-development and critical self-review is by drawing comparisons with other cities, exchanging innovative opportunities with them, and learning from the different experiences.


At the conference, experts from Paris, Hamburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Milan, Bern, Vienna, and more presented and discussed the specific answers they gave in strategies and projects, and which helped them to realign their urban development with the goals of climate protection.



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