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CapaCity – Urban Competences

In 2016, the CapaCity – Urban Competences programme was established as a follow-up project of the DonauHanse cities network.

In 2016, the CapaCity – Urban Competences programme was established, which brought about the initial impulse for joint activities between the City of Vienna/municipal companies/Viennese businesses and selected cities in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond through workshops. These activities range from establishing joint networks, impulses for the continuation of planned activities as part of existing collaborations, and generating project ideas for projects co-financed by the EU to the sales opportunities and marketing activities of Viennese services.


The programme is organised by the Municipal Department (MA) 27 for European Affairs and operated by UIV Urban Innovation GmbH.


Challenges. Urban centres are facing great challenges. The disassociation of development from energy consumption and population growth; the creation of cost-effective, multi-functional, economical, as well as practical living space; the use of innovative technologies in the water, security, ICT, transport, energy industries, etc. as well as the necessity for resource-conserving concepts and coupled with changing framework conditions represent just a few of the most relevant topics of current and future urban development. Numerous cities and regions, predominantly in Central and South-East Europe, are facing heavy demands from these new developments and are looking for support in partnership structures increasingly frequently. Not least, the City of Vienna already has an excellent reputation due to all of its previous international activities. In the past years, it has registered a sharply rising demand for both information and concrete aid in pressing communal problems.


Opportunities. The City of Vienna plays an essential and responsible role in Central and South-East Europe. It actively participates in international networks, dialogues, decision processes, clearly defines its viewpoints, and is constantly introducing initiatives responsibly. The City of Vienna promotes long-term contacts and knowledge exchange between European cities and regions and pursues joint solution- and implementation-oriented collaborations. In this way, its own urban activities can be raised to a higher-quality level. The City of Vienna’s constant exchange with international partners is not only leading to the circulation of Viennese knowledge, but also ensuring that international know-how is accordingly brought back to Vienna.


Objective. Based on the situation of need described above, a significant aspiration of the City of Vienna is to pass on know-how in the framework of demand-oriented and tailored workshops and to guarantee an information and cooperation process on both sides. With the help of this newly acquired knowledge, the partners should be supported in the ability to solve their infrastructural and procedural communal problems more easily. As a result, relevant implementation projects should be initiated together with Viennese involvement and European funding be obtained if possible.


City of Vienna, Municipal Department 27 - European Affairs


01/2016 - 12/2017