Cities are our passion


Urban Innovation Vienna was established as a competence centre for future urban issues in Vienna. In cooperation with decision makers from politics, administration, businesses and research, we develop innovative strategies for overcoming the diverse and complex challenges facing modern cities today. We work closely with international partners, sharing both experience and expertise, learning from other cities and making the knowledge transferred available in Vienna.

The core mission of Urban Innovation Vienna is to provide bespoke professional support, using interdisciplinary expertise, for the development of innovative responses to socio-demographic, economic, technological and political changes in cities. Our topics range from urban development, climate & energy to digitization, smart city and housing, participation and tourism.



Service portfolio


The services offered by Urban Innovation Vienna are diverse and can be combined to suit a wide range of tasks. Our three departments “Smart City Agency”, “Energy Center” and “Future Cities” are able to offer both subject specific and holistic strategic support.


In its role as a ‘think tank’, Urban Innovation Vienna seeks out international trends, initiatives and models, and analyses current developments and research on urban issues. Urban Innovation Vienna then contributes the knowledge gained here to open discourse with local experts so that proactive and creative strategies can be drawn up for Vienna.


In its role as a ‘service provider’, Urban Innovation Vienna designs and organises strategic processes, dialogue forums, technical workshops and international conferences. At the same time, it makes current and future issues concerning urban development accessible to an interested public, for example, through the city-wide initiatives “Smart City” and “Digital City”.

Finally, Urban Innovation Vienna views itself as a ‘promoter’ of Viennese expertise and excellence within a growing network of partner institutions and experts in different cities, cooperative projects and international specialist discourse.



Supervisory Board

DI Thomas Madreiter, Planning Director - Chief Executive Office - Executive Group for Construction and Technology (Chairperson)

Dr. Kurt Gollowitzer, Director of Wien Holding (Deputy Chairperson)

Ing. Georg Lammel, MA, Referee, Administrative Group for Urban Development, Traffic & Transport, Climate Protection, Energy Planning and Public Participation

Dr. Günther Smutny, Office of the Chief Executive Office

Mag. Bernd Vogl, Head of the Municipal Department 20 - Energy Planning



Employee representation:

DI (FH) Petra Schöfmann, MSc

Matthias Watzak-Helmer, MSc