WAALTeR Active Ageing in the City

The WAALTeR project deals with the opportunities of new ICT and AAL technologies and services to improve the quality of life of senior citizens in Vienna.

In WAALTeR, the Wiener Active Assisted Living TestRegion, 83 Viennese households are being tested to find out whether technological support in the everyday life of senior citizens improves activity and mobility, social exchange, and safety and health - and with it, increases the overall quality of life for older people.


WAALTeR is an applied ICT and AAL research project in the City of Vienna, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. The aim of Active Assisted Living is to facilitate an active and independent life using age-appropriate assistance systems. New technologies and services are combined into one system and prepared appropriately for the target group so that they are easy to handle and can be used without any prior knowledge. To help generate greater social interaction and participation in society, for example, an events and appointments calendar complemented by a travel planner takes individual preferences into account. The sense of security can be reinforced through fall detectors in the home or through activities experienced together over the neighbourhood network. In terms of health, diverse information is available, as well as telemedicine applications for transmitting blood pressure or blood sugar levels to a GP. The use of these technologies should be helpfully and sensibly integrated into everyday life, thus contributing to improved quality of life.


From the beginning of 2018, 83 test households in Vienna will be equipped with the corresponding technologies. Another 35 households will act as control groups. During the project’s 18-month duration, the experiences of the participating senior citizens with the technologies used will continually be evaluated through surveys and in discussions with the project partners. WAALTeR will present findings on the applicability and user-friendliness of new technologies for senior citizens that can then be integrated into decisions in Viennese politics and administration.


On October 17, 2017 a Smart City Forum on the subject of WAALTeR took place at the Vienna Planning Workshop.


Consortium Leadership

Urban Innovation Vienna – Smart City Agency



Vienna Social Fund (Fonds Soziales Wien)

Johanniter Österreich

Wiener Sozialdienste Alten Pflegedienste GmbH

CogVis Software und Consulting GmbH

FragNebenan GmbH

ILOGS Mobile Software GmbH

Microtronics Engineering GmbH

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Departments: Health & Environment, Digital Safety & Security, Mobility, Innovation Systems

Technical University Vienna, Institute for Design & Assessment of Technology

Hon. Prof.(FH) Dr. Bernhard Rupp, MBA