Urban Think Tank

Trends, analysis and know-how on future topics of metropolitan development.

For Vienna’s urban development and planning department (MA 18), Urban Innovation Vienna works on topics and issues that are crucial for a successful future development of the city.


Urban development is becoming increasingly complex since it addresses a highly differentiated and diverse urban society and a city economy within a global competition. It focuses on the use of creative potential and the mobilization of new partners and stakeholders, so the consideration of different needs and the moderation of conflicts of interest is a core challenge. Another focus is on a sparing use of public funds while guaranteeing a high quality output, which benefits all citizens. And apart from that, one particular focus in on the early recognition of future trends with their potentials and challenges for urban society.


Through a long-term cooperation with MA 18, Urban Innovation Vienna supports Vienna’s urban development in exploring these topics and developing solutions to these questions. Annual work programs jointly define those priorities that are analysed and worked through in-depth. In 2017, topics such as autonomous driving, new forms of participation, new models for urban development areas or the consideration of economic parameters in planning and urban development were of importance.


The long-term oriented cooperation not only ensures continuity and a more in-depth handling of issues, but also enables the development of a knowledge and competence pool from which the city and urban development can profit permanently.