The Big Transformers

“Sharing” and “on-demand economy” on the rise.

The widescale spread of the internet and smartphones are turning the sharing and on-demand economy into a dynamic growth market, where globally acting companies have established themselves. Cities are under pressure to keep up, develop suitable strategies that do not stall the “sharing” thoughts yet ensure fair competition.


In the past few years, a commercially shaped sharing economy has been developed - “Sharing instead of owning” has become a business model. New technologies are creating new opportunities to bring entrepreneurs and clients together quickly and in accordance with their needs. An on-demand economy has arisen which is changing corporate structures and professional careers. The market dynamics are high – within a few years, a colourful sharing and platform landscape has been developed, which offers cleaning services and food as well as financial services. This development is generating chances for entrepreneurial action and job growth, however at the same time, it is introducing new challenges for the social state and the tax system.


The Big Transformers” study takes the transport and hospitality sector into particular account. In these sectors, globally active companies have been established in just a few years, such as Airbnb and Uber, which represent a special challenge for existing state regulatory systems and established market players due to their market power. Based on an analysis of the company, a risk-opportunity assessment, and a glance at the procedures of other cities, options for action are being developed for Vienna that do not “stall” the sharing economy, but should instead create applicable rules of play.


At the beginning of 2017, the study was complemented by an international comparison of four case studies – the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, and Paris –, which demonstrate the wide range of different strategies and measures set by cities to deal with current development trends. more


The studies by UIV (and previously europaforum wien) also form the basis for various formats of international dialogue, such as an international conference organised on behalf of MA 23 in November 2015: Under the motto “Local Heroes & Global Players. How fair is the sharing economy?”, this shed light on various aspects of the subject, which was discussed with international experts. In March 2017, the latest analysis results were presented as part of a European Cities Conference in Vienna.


City of Vienna, Municipal Department 23 – Economic Affairs, Labour and Statistics


03/2015 - 03/2017