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Eurocities Working Group Housing

A network of major European cities for social living.

Quality and affordable housing is a central cornerstone of justice and quality of life in cities. As a forerunner in terms of social housing, Vienna leads the working group in the important city network Eurocities – Urban Innovation Vienna supports and advises the chairman of the board and works on strategies for housing in the 21st century together with other major cities.


As a network of large European cities and based in Brussels, Eurocities works to ensure that the voices of Europe’s metropolises are heard in EU decision processes. Vienna is an active member and heads up the Housing working group. With representatives from around 20 cities (from A for Athens to Z for Zurich), it is firstly, a forum for knowledge exchange and idea generation for subjects such as social mixing and affordable living, and secondly, a lobbying tool – not least to avoid social housing becoming impeded by a narrow interpretation of EU competition law.


City of Vienna, Municipal Department 50 - Housing Promotion and Arbitration Board for Legal Housing Matters


since 2010