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Energy in numbers

How is energy consumption in Vienna developing? Which trends beat? Which measures are effective? Statistical analyses provide insight.

The Energy Center maintains a database that links the most important Austrian energy statistics with other data sources. These data are used for various analyses and evaluations of Vienna’s energy situation:


Energy Report of the City of Vienna. Since 2015, the Energy Center coordinates the city's annual energy report - a detailed reference book with numerical series on the energy situation in Vienna, key indicators describing the situation and information on current developments in the energy sector, from the city to the EU level. You can download the Energy Report 2017 here.

Target value analyses and formation of indicators. The Energy Center's expertise is used by city departments to calculate energy-related objectives for its strategies and programmes, and also to develop appropriate indicators to monitor them. This is the case with the Smart City Vienna Framework Strategy, the mobility concept as well as the Municipal Energy Efficiency Programme (SEP 2030).

Standardisation of data. Data relevant for energy and climate protection are collected and used by different units inside and outside the city administration. The Energy Center is taking initiative to standardise these data as well as for a consistent definition of appropriate indicators and their common use.


City of Vienna, Municipal Department 20 - Energy Planning


1/2016 – 12/2018